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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Hundred Years from Today

How will historians of the future view us 100 years from today?

Since we are fast becoming a “Twittering,” sound bitten, Blackberry-carrying, social-networking-driven-society where RSS (really simple syndication) feeds chop up our daily diet of words and information, I have decided to leave my mark on this momentous day by providing a celebratory acrostic poem, which some chronicler of the century can easily digest.

An Inaugural Acrostic

Against all odds
Repeating the oath of office as others have done before
Addressing the nation’s most pressing needs first
Changing the way Washington does business
Keeping promises and making new ones

Helping to create new jobs while protecting the environment
Understanding the plight of those less fortunate
Security within our borders and abroad
Supporting education and the arts
Energy independence
International diplomacy
National health care reform

Bringing political parties together
Answering to the public with more transparency
Makeovers in banking, securities and commerce
All will sacrifice for the greater good

1 comment:

Omay said...

I feel like we are finally waking from a bad dream. Go Barack! Go us!