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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Next Year in Israel"

It’s not often that the holidays of Passover and Easter coincide during the same week.

This year Passover officially began with the first Seder at sundown on Wednesday, April 8 (14 Nissan 5769 in the Hebrew calendar) and ends at sundown on Thursday, April 16 (22 Nissan)

For eight days, those who keep kosher and observe the holiday follow the strict dietary law of removing every last trace of bread (crumbs and all) from the household. Everything else that is edible, has to be designated “Kosher for Passover.”

Did you know that these days you can even get specially formulated “Kosher for Passover” Coca Cola, which is made with good old-fashioned sugar and not high fructose corn syrup (it bears a yellow cap to distinguish it from everyday Coca Cola.)

If you have pets, there is also a specially formulated kosher pet food on the market. Designed for your kitty or pooch, a company called Kosher Pet( lets you order on-line year round and they have the greatest motto - “Schlepp Less - Feed Less - Clean Up Less.”

As far as the Coca Cola is concerned – better plan on shopping for that next year as “Kosher for Passover” Coca Cola (as folks-in-the-know tell me) generally sells out as it hits the shelves - in 48 hours or less.

Passover commemorates the Hebrew’s Exodus from Egypt and their bondage in slavery.

This year, a Seder was observed in the White House. It was not the first time the traditional meal and religious service was hosted there, as it had taken place during the Clinton administration. However, it was the first time a president attended and broke matzoth with his family and staff.

IMHO, it is a wonderful gesture of solidarity, respect of history and culture, as well as religious beliefs. KUDOS to our First Family!

A favorite saying and toast offered each year at the end of the two-plus hour meal and prayers lovingly remembers those who were taken from us during the Holocaust, along with a wish for all those seated at the table to join together again, by raising a glass and saying, “Next year in Israel.”

Last year, it is said the President’s entourage lifted their glasses and said, “Next year the White House.”

I have to assume that this year they ended their Seder with the traditional toast, as well as “L'chaim”(translated) means “to life!”

“Next year in Israel?” Time will tell. Perhaps now there is hope for peace in the Middle East?


BarryGillogly said...

What fun! I have to try the Coke!!!

TallTchr said...

Have you heard about 18 minute matzah? Some orthodox say you have to bake it within 18 minutes of mixing the dough or airborne yeasts might leaven it. They also don't make Hillel sandwiches because they're afraid of what will happen if matzah gets damp. Trust the most pious to always miss the point.

Paula Slade said...

Barry - I'm definitely up for the Coca Cola next year!

TallTchr - 18 minute matzah - that is bizarre!! As far as the Hillel sandwich - I've not broken the rules on that one but I am guilty of slathering charoses on matzah, and if it is left on long enough the matzah will puff up! ;-)