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Monday, May 25, 2009

The never “ending” story?

Not sure where to file this one, except maybe as a rather bizarre curiosity snippet?

This morning, on National Public Radio’s, Morning Edition, there was a brief mention, filed under their “Diversions category, of a new novel by Japanese horror meister, Koji Suzuki.

It seems his newest book has bypassed the traditional publishing industry and has gone straight to press on toilet paper. That’s right, you heard me, toilet paper.

The novel, or is it the tissue, is being promoted as “Japan’s scariest toilet paper.”

More a novella, brief from start to finish, takes a mere three feet to wrap up, which is just about the appropriate amount for one short sitting.

Japan Review. Net conducted an interesting interview with Suzuki, April 23, 2003 that is rather enlightening in so far as getting into the mind of the man who is often referred to as Japan’s Stephen King.

Suzuki’s current literary work is appropriately titled: The Drop and is coming to a bathroom near you.

Here’s a brief glimpse into one of Maine’s favorite sons - the man who has kept readers up all night, and maybe sitting on the "john" for a lot longer than three feet.

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