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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The top 11 things I will never eat (or have eaten and will never do it again!) Part 1

The ubiquitous ‘they’ say, that your “body is like a temple” – thus implying that it is best to treat it with a great deal of reverence or else the gods will rebel.

My hope in this series of posts, over the next few days, is not to offend or inflame anyone, but to open a dialogue and garner insight into the nature of human nature, particularly when it comes to partaking in certain foods that for some, might be offensive, either from personal tastes, physical reactions or dietary law.

Not in any particular order, here’s Day 1 of my list with links to the foods in question.

1. Kidneys – No thank you on these, as I have found they have a soapy, rather acrid taste, at least to me. And, I’m not sure I would try them again, even if they were cooked in sherry and looked like this.

2. Brain – makes me want to stop thinking about it all together – this was a favored delicacy, that from time-to time would appear to those fortunate passengers that rode first class on (I will not mention the particular airline) and were offered brains and eggs for breakfast - I never tried them and never will. Anyone for a serving of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy?

3. Sweetbreads – by any other name, they are a gland, and I’m “gland” I never tried them even if they can be cooked up to look like this.

Tomorrow, more menu selections to signal your thumb’s up, or thumb down.


samgillogly said...
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samgillogly said...

While we're on the subject of organ meat... How about a haggis?? :D

That most maligned of Scottish dishes... yet one that Robert Burns himself loved (or at least felt sorry for) enough to write a complimentary poem in its honor. Having been invited to a genuine Burns Supper early this year, I had the opportunity to see for myself if this compressed block of sheep innards and oatmeal was truly as nasty as it's made out to be. Granted, it looked (and smelled) more like what the sheep's gut would have contained during its lifetime, but to my utter astonishment, it tastes quite nice! Best described as a very rich meatloaf. I think the seasonings mellow out the flavor and make it palatable. In fact, I even went back for a second helping that night.

BarryGillogly said...

Eeeuu... I can't agree with you more!

TallTchr said...

I used to cook sweetbreads for my friends and they liked them. However, I've stopped eating veal because of the inhumane way in which these animals are penned. Same for goose pate'.

Paula Slade said...

samgillogly - Haggis, I probably would take a pass on it purely from the smell, although I do find it intriguing.

Paula Slade said...

TallTchr I do agree with you about the inhumane treatment of calves, and although I do love veal, I do not buy it for the same reason. And, as far as goose pate, I've switched to pork, but I will still prepare a goose for the holidays.

Paula Slade said...

Barry, I do understand where you are coming from! ;-)