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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who says classical music has gone to the dogs?

Once in awhile something unusual happens during a live classical music performance that patrons will talk about for years to come.

It might be an exceptionally fine interpretation of a classical standard, which causes the audience to rise to their feet in astonished devotion.

Then again, it could be something totally different and not ever witnessed before – such is the latter in this case.

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, the Hampshire Choral Society, who’s mission is “to create beautiful music, and to have fun doing it, “certainly made good on their goal!

The society .was giving a lovely performance of Handel’s Messiah, when an unexpected visitor entered stage left, and was deftly dispatched elsewhere by Ms. Anita Anderson Cooper, and with very good humor (IMHO) by conductor Allan Taylor.

You will not believe your eyes! Enjoy – this is a first (in my memory) that will make you smile!


Anonymous said...

Even better, it turns out the dog didn't even belong to anyone in the orchestra. It just wandered in off the street, and must have followed its big floppy ears to where all the action was!

Paula Slade said...

Obviously a pooch with a discerning ear! ;-) Thanks samgillogly for the insight!

Richard said...

Who's to say what form the Messiah will take when He arrives?

Paula Slade said...

Oh Richard, your comment is priceless!! :-D

Gordon~ said...

The young lady who picked up the little dog
should have taken a bow. That was cute.

Paula Slade said...

Indeed it was Gordon! ;-)