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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Great Healthcare Debate

Over the last few months, I have witnessed a discourse that borders on the ridiculous over healthcare.

Supposedly, intelligent and informed people are debating this issue by yelling, screaming, going ballistic, spreading false information, utilizing scare tactics and even biting body parts – frankly, I don’t understand it.

Healthcare reform is an issue that needs to be addressed whether we are Republican , Democrat or Independent, and whether we like it or not. The financial stability of this country is dependent on reform.

The National Coalition on Health Care, the nation's largest non-profit and “rigorously non-partisan” organization that represents 70 organizations, who in turn employ or represent about 150 million Americans, provides irrefutable statistical information (the hard facts and numbers) about the need for reform, and they don’t have an axe to grind, or an election to win, or a profit to make.

If after perusing NCHC’s website, and seeing the surprising number of mainstream and medical organizations involved that support the dissemination of real facts, or if you have still have doubts, fears or are confused about what a “Public Option” is, versus a "Co-op," the two-minute/39 seconds video below, featuring Robert Reich, is without a doubt, (IMHO) the most succinct and understandable explanation of the facts.

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Jo said...

That is the most intelligent argument I have heard yet for the public option. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Paula Slade said...

I thought Reich hit the nail on the head. Thanks Jo, I've got my fingers crossed too.