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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eleven Wishes for the New Year

Today I wish you good health. Time has taught me that if you have this… everything else will follow.

I also wish you love. Open your heart to the possibilities. To need and be needed is at the very core of our frail and human existence.

And, may you know spiritual wealth whatever your belief, and may you draw strength and comfort from a presence that is greater, yet part of us all.

Another wish to you is for material abundance so that you may always have nourishing food at your table; a home to protect and surround you filled with treasures that delight your heart, and may you always be able to share these blessings with others.

I also wish for you knowledge and inspiration every day of the year that propels you to seek out and learn something new as you write the passages of your life. And, like a good book may your novel be hard to put down and the end long in coming.

I wish you laughter, as it is easier to smile than it is to frown. Always cherish the joyful child that resides in you.

A wish for beauty - may you find it from the breath of a rose; the sparkle of sunlight on water; the song of a bird or the pink cheek of a child – it is truly in the beholder.

A wish for “forgiveness” so that you never go to bed at night angry at someone… for something. Forgive and move on.

Today I also wish you “time” – whether you beg it, borrow it, or steal it – remember to use it, not abuse it. May you have all that your heart desires to accomplish your fondest dreams. Fill the seconds between the minutes, and the minutes between the hours with your life well lived.

A wish for “grace”: May a measure of compassion, charity and charm be yours for the asking and this be the footprint you leave for others to follow.

And last but not least WISHES FOR WORLD PEACE: None of us have known this… may it truly become a reality in our lifetime.

Imagine… the possibilities.


BarryGillogly said...

Beautiful thoughts. For me, New Years is a special time for looking inward - a spiritual time. Thank you!

Jo said...

Paula, I wish all those things for you as well. These are the wonderful intangible things that are most important, that we sometimes take for granted -- such as time.

World Peace? Well, sadly, I won't hold my breath for that one. We humans seem to be strange creatures. We all want world peace, but we don't seem to be able to achieve it.

Happy New Year...!


Paula Slade said...

You're welcome Barry!

Paula Slade said...

Thank you Jo! You're right, "the intangibles" are the most important, and these days there never seems to be enough "time."

As far as "World Peace" - I guess, like the song says, "I'm a dreamer."

Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

帳號 said...

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Paula Slade said...

Thank you 帳號, Glad you enjoyed what you read and are looking forward to a new post. Thank you for stopping by!