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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau ~

Kudos to Californians, instead of simply talking about pollution, they are hoping to pass some revolutionary legislation that will ban the use of plastic bags.

The California senate, at the end of August will be voting on AB1998, which if passed into law will successfully eliminate the state’s 19 billion-a-year plastic bag habit.

As part of the campaign to raise consumer awareness as to the environmental problems with using plastic bags, the non-profit organization Heal the Bay, has provided a rather entertaining, but extremely informative “mockumentary,” The Majestic Plastic Bag.

Narrated by noted actor Jeremy Irons, the four minute, tongue-in-cheek video smacks of a typical class-act BBC nature documentary, but wallops a big punch regarding the perils of plastic.

Okay now, so which is it going to be when you go shopping – paper, or plastic?

Actually, being a tree lover, I vote for cloth.


arlee bird said...

That's a very clever video.

On the issue of plastic bags, I think it is the same as the issue of pets that I raised on my blog post today or any other controversial social issue. Lack of consideration and irresponsibilty on behalf of certain people are the real source of the problem. I would strongly encourage bagmakers to find better solutions to bags that decompose more rapidly, but I question the severity of the problem as presented. There is usually some motive that is intended to benefit someone elses pocketbook when things like this are pushed. I like the convenience of the plastic bags when used as they were intended and disposed of properly. I think the issues of packaging in general are as bad as plastic bags. I welcome addressing the issue and finding better solutions, but not just jumping in and banning the plastic bags.

Tossing It Out

/798 said...

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Paula Slade said...

Arlee - You raise some very valid points. I do agree they are convenient and the biggest problems are "lack of consideration and irresponsibility." Bags that decompose more rapidly is an excellent solution. Now they just need to figure out something other than using plastic to make them. This will also help curtail petroleum consumption.

Paula Slade said...

/798 - Thanks! Glad you enjoy my blog.

Elizabeth said...

The market I use sells oversized insulated grocery bags. So not only does the meat stay cold until I get home ,but I'm helping the environment. The bags (available at Aldis) are $1 each and also great for packing for a weekend trip. They're huge and strong. I'm not afraid to carry them into other grocery stores. They stay under my purse until checkout and no one has ever said anything about my using them.

Paula Slade said...

Elizabeth - Hat's off to Aldis for offering reusable bags. Sounds like a great idea, and they would come in handy for picnic packing too. Thanks for taking time to leave your feedback!