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Monday, August 30, 2010

Parrot University

“Essentially, a parrot is a monkey with wings.” ~ Joseph Garner ~

Here’s a possible, albeit non-human contender for “America’s Got Talent” – “Kili” the parrot.

This is not your average little winged green gal who spouts family secrets and slang; she can wave, play dead, drop a mini-basketball in a hoop and deposit a coin in a piggy bank among other talents.

Kili is a Senegal Parrot, not more than nine inches in length from beak to tail, but has proven to be a remarkable pet that is highly trainable.

Senegal Parrots are endemic to a wide area of West Africa, primarily savanna and open woodlands but are prized in the aviculture world as pets, not only for their comical and charming personalities but their ability to domesticate, and with proper training and socialization become attached to their owner with the same devotion as a dog.

Kili’s owner, simply known as “Michael,” created an amazing video, World Record 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes, which over the past eight months has gone viral, being viewed by more than a million folks from kiliparrot’s YouTube Channel.

Michael also maintains a very comprehensive website and blog, Trained that covers everything you need to know about raising parrots as pets.

It’s apparent from the video below that this “Polly” could not only ask for a cracker but open the box and get it out.


TallTchr said...

I loved the video! I've owned one parrot and babysat another and think they're fabulous creatures.

arlee bird said...

I don't know how it would play for a Vegas show, but that was definitely remarkable--especially putting the correct color rings on the sticks.
"A monkey with wings"? Interesting saying-- never heard that before.

Tossing It Out

BarryGillogly said...

What a great bird. Heck, I can barely get my dogs to sit.

Paula Slade said...

TallTchr - Glad you enjoyed the video. Interesting that you've had first hand experience with parrots. I've only had a few parakeets - no comparison.

Lee - I was amazed about the color rings as well! I thought the quote was right on target considering the video, and when I stumbled upon it I was giggling at the synchronicity. :)

Barry - Hee-he-he, if only dogs were that trainable!