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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The iPad Challenge: Part Deux

On Friday, April 28, 2010, just four days after I posted The iPad Challenge:Cat, Dog or Man? Apple’s nifty little device made its way into the hands of its one-millionth customer, and as of yesterday, 3G and Wi-Fi pre-orders began for international markets with the first round of shipping to begin on May 28 to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom - with more international markets to follow in July.

In the Cat, Dog or Man challenge, you were asked to determine who would best benefit from using Apple’s iPad based on the viral videos that were being circulated around the Internet.

According to your comments, it appears the ‘Cat’ won paws down, with pianist Lang Lang coming in a close second.

However, since the last post, two more contenders have entered the competition and they might just alter your opinions.

Our first competitor is a toddler who is barely 2.5 years of age. According to her father and the Telstar Logistics’ YouTube account where the video appears, he shares the following information: “A fascinating UI experiment. My daughter likes playing with my iPhone, but this was her very first encounter with an iPad. As you'll see, she took right to it... although she too wonders why it doesn't have a camera!"

Our second contender, 99 year-old Virginia Campbell was filmed at the Mary Woods Retirement Community in Oregon. Virginia is the widow of former Lake Oswego Mayor C. Herald Cambell, and this was her very first encounter with the unit, plus she’s never owned a computer or even a Kindle, and to top it off Virginia suffers from glaucoma.

Time to cast your votes – this one’s a real tough choice.




BarryGillogly said...

This challenge is unfair... I love them both! However,given her age, I will have to tip my hat off to grandma. You go girl!!

samwise said...

My vote definitely goes to Virginia. I'll bet she never guessed she would encounter something like the iPad in her lifetime, let alone pick it up so quickly! I think it's wonderful she's found a way to keep on reading and writing for fun in spite of her eye issues. And I love her limerick! Really clever! :)

arlee bird said...

These are both good testimonies as to the functionality and ease of this iPad. The way the toddler so immediately takes to it makes me wonder where she will be in just a few years. Either demo works as a good selling point for iPad.


Paula Slade said...

Barry - I was leaning toward "Gramdma" too.

samwise - I wonder what the Toddler will encounter in her lifetime - consider the possibilities!

arlee bird - I agree - they are both good selling points. I wonder how it will do overseas once they are released for shipment?