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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To dwell in possibilities…

Poetry - I’ve always been very fond of the art form - marveling at the fact that ordinary words, when put together ‘just so’ create extraordinary images that not only capture the minds eye but touch the soul – almost like taking vinegar and turning it into champagne – a rather mystical reverse process more or less.

Poetry is a very personal thing; you glean meaning on a singular level, much like when you view a painting or sculpture – poetry speaks only your language, it touches only your heart.

Although I am fond of many poems, over the years I have consistently been drawn to a handful of poets who reach out to me through time and space sharing their wisdom, their vision of the world and a glimpse of their soul through their immortal voice.

e.e. cummings (or if you prefer) E.E. Cummings and Emily Dickinson are two of my favorite poets – Cummings because he reinvented poetry with his avant- garde style that included breaking most linguistic rules and the coinage of new words, and Emily Dickinson… just because.

Dickinson’s voice (IMHO) resonates and has a rare ability to move backwards and forwards bridging generational gaps as well as educational and income levels. Case in point, take a look at the embedded video below, produced by Limey Films, Inc. for Poets House, the national poetry library and literature center based in Manhattan.

Filmed in May 2009, during the final construction phase of Poets House new headquarters, actor Bill Murray read poetry to the men responsible for building the magnificent new repository, and what was captured on the faces of the workers was very telling. Pay particular attention to the construction worker’s eyes when Murray reads Dickinson’s “I dwell in Possibility-- A fairer House than Prose,” and when he introduces each worker after the reading.

I’m sure Emily would have been very pleased that her words instilled the gift of pride that was so clearly visible.


BarryGillogly said...

Nicely done Bill... Paula... guys!

arlee bird said...

Interesting that there would be a library devoted to poetry. I used to write and read a lot of poetry in my younger days. Now, other than what I read on certain blogs, I very rarely read poetry and more rarely write it. Writing poetry is a good writing exercise in self expresssion and using words.

Tossing It Out

samwise said...

What a lovely, meaningful opportunity for those guys to really feel connected with what they are building. Well done!

Paula Slade said...

Barry - Thanks, but the kudos really belong to the construction workers, Murray, Dickinson, Limey Films and Poets House who mad it all possible! :)

Lee - I agree, writing poetry is a terrific exercise that sharpens the mind for many other forms of creativity.

samwise - well done indeed!