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Monday, March 21, 2011

Embracing Life: One seat belt at a time

Safety on our highways has improved significantly, with the help of the Legislature and the media.” ~ Jane D. Hull ~

Once in awhile the advertising community does more than promote products – they promote public awareness on issues of great importance, and such is the advert, which appears at the bottom of this post.

Each year, thousands of people worldwide will lose their lives in automobile accidents; many of those fatalities could be prevented by simply wearing a seat belt.

The public service commercial, EMBRACE LIFE has been viewed online more than 13 million times; its message is stunning and there is absolutely zero dialogue.

The advert, created independently by Alexander Commercials has gone on to win numerous awards.

Produced by Sarah Alexander and directed by award-winning filmmaker Daniel Cox, with music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn, this video features a family of three portrayed by Austin Spangler (Father), Lara Corrochano (Mother), and Clare Denning (Daughter).

 According to Cox, “Key to the film's creation was to focus on a message that didn't take a conventional route to shock and scare the audience; rather it was my intention to bring the audience in on the conversation of road safety, specifically seat belts, and the best way to do this was to make a film that could engage the viewer purely visually and could be seen and understood by all, whoever they are and wherever they lived."

In my humble opinion, Cox and his fellow filmmakers did an extraordinary job with a wordless message.

Thanks to SussexSaferRoads for posting this life-saving message.


Arlee Bird said...

Pretty cool. I used to hate seatbelts and was so annoyed when the seatbelt laws went into effect. Now I don't even think about it when I get in a car--I just put it on and don't even notice it.

When I was a kid we didn't have seatbelts or car seats. Fortunately I survived.

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TallTchr said...

What a great little film!

Paula Slade said...

Lee- I sometimes marvel at the fact that we all made it through childhood! :)

TallTchr - I totally agree.