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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who will light the candles?

Angel of Hope, Sturbridge, Massachusetts - photo by Paula Slade


Who will light the candles

when the children have all gone?

All those brilliant, promising

pinpoints of light winking out

enfolded, enveloped and shrouded

by the velvet black blindness of night.

The once great clock

will still tick and chime,

marking these times

of infinite passage through cosmos

crowded with vaporous voices



but falling

only on shadows of ears.


Who will light the candles

when the children have all gone? 
It's time now, for meaningful legislation to prevent more senseless  tragedies.
Remembering the innocents and educators at
Sandy Hook Elementary - Newtown, Connecticut
Friday, December 14, 2012


BarryGillogly said...

Well said. My heart goes to all who have lost their children and other loved ones. Violence and guns must go.

Arlee Bird said...

The Newtown tragedy was indeed a sad event. We must consider the solutions that will be most effective. This may require deeper thought than what initially seems to be the obvious answers.

Tossing It Out

Mary said...

Beautifully written. Love to you and your family and the families from Sandy Hook.