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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It’s Apple pickin’ time: The definitive guide to pick-your-own apples nationwide Part 3- The Who, What, Where When and How of Apple Picking

Most pick-your-own orchards provide containers but it’s always a good idea to ask if you need to bring your own, and if there is a minimum harvest required along with method of payment. is a great resource for finding the nearest location nationwide for pick-your-own apples They also cover international locations such as: Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries.

In planning your excursion, be sure to check out availability of specific apple varieties, as ripening and harvest times will vary.

Also, ask about unique features that many of the orchards offer such as baked goods, jellies and apple specialty items, as many maintain gift shops in addition to family friendly children’s activities.

Dress in layers as fall weather can be unpredictable and wear comfortable walking shoes.

When picking apples, gently pull and twist simultaneously. If you get two apples next to each other on the same branch, gently pull both at the same time but twist each in the opposite direction.

When you bring your harvest home, remember that apples do best stored in a cool (35 to 45 degrees) dry place, with lower light, but if they need to ripen, room temperature is the answer.

- HAPPY PICKIN’- Check back tomorrow for a special recipe for your harvest.


samwise said...

Don't forget the all-important cider donuts, too! :D

Paula Slade said...

Thanks for the reminder "samwise" - cider donuts are indeed very TASTY! I'm hoping someone will post a recipe for them in the comments that conclude this series. :)